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Four new upgrades bring a new experience

Powerful motor
3 gears can be adjusted
1500mA lithium battery
Smart AI chip


Awaken muscle vitality

Strong and powerful high frequency vibration


Where is the pain?

Calf sore massage
Muscle discomfort after fitness exercise
Back pain after work, sore hands
Chest massage


Silicone massage head

Care for every muscle group
Easy to clean
Silicone massage head
●No odor silicone
●Skin-friendly, soft, no bacteria
●Wet paper towels will be clean after wiping
●High comfort
Ordinary foaming massage head
●Peculiar smell is not easy to clean
●Easy to store bacteria
●Static electricity in contact with skin
●The massage head absorbs sweat and is not hygienic


High speed motor

Vibration penetrates deep muscles
High-reliability motor, with dual-bearing structure design,Output high speed and strong power. Penetrates 18mm deep muscle groups


Fully charged, use for 15 minutes a day and last for 7 days.

High-performance lithium battery pack, you only need to charge for one hour;
Built-in pressure feedback system can output power for a long time.


Triple true noise reduction technology

13800RPM+5% idling speed movement is quieter
Exquisite and compact structure design
45db mute noise reduction


3 gears can be adjusted at will

Comfortable relaxation, in-depth massage, the experience is determined by the heart.
1st gear to wake up muscles
2 levels of relaxing massage
3 levels of deep physiotherapy


Convenient Type-C lightning fast charging

You can charge wherever your phone can charge.
What should I do if I forget to charge in an emergency? The Type-C interface is compatible.
Mainstream mobile phone chargers and power banks can be fully charged in 2 hours,
Forget about battery life anxiety.


AI smart chip technology opens up a new experience of smart



The built-in high-speed intelligent Al chip is used for information processing, accurate, fast, and stable motor drive, with a feedback data system, to achieve every impact just right, and carefully care for every muscle group.
Strong performance and rapid response
AI chip intelligent control motor
A new generation of silent noise reduction technology


Coping with muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise

A fascia gun that can be carried around to deal with muscle stiffness and soreness
Before exercise
Muscle vitality
In motion
Muscle tension
After exercise


Small stature and big power

Professional masseur who can fit in your pocket


Professional massage standard use to give intimate care to the body

In order to provide a more comfortable massage experience, carefully take care of each of your muscle groups.
Shoulder muscles 15-20seconds X 3 times
Chest muscles 30secondsX1 times
Abdominal muscles 20-30seconds X 1 time
Back muscles 15-20seconds X 3 times
Lower limb muscles 20-30seconds X 3 times
Arm muscles 30seconds-1MN×4 times


Product Parameter

Product name: MINI Fascia Gun
Interface type: USB
Product color; silver black
Massage head material: silicone
Product quality: about 250G
Output voltage: 110- 240V
Fully charged use time: about 90 minutes
Body material: ABS

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